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Angie Beard Embraces Future with No Regrets: 'I'm Here for the Long Run'

AUCKLAND — Angie Beard’s commitment to the Philippine Women’s National Football Team remains unwavering as the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup journey concludes at the Eden Park Stadium.

Beard’s inclusion in the Filipinas squad generated considerable attention, considering her previous representation of Australia in three international friendlies. She proved to be a vital asset in Alen Stajcic’s lineup during matches against Switzerland, the host nation New Zealand, and Norway, consistently occupying the center-back position.

With the World Cup chapter coming to an end, she is already focusing on upcoming campaigns, particularly the Asian Games and Olympic qualifiers scheduled for the coming months.

“You can count on me to be here for the rest of my life, without a doubt.

“I’ve embraced this change, I’ve put in the effort. It was a journey to get here, and now that I’m here, it’s not just a brief stop. I’m committed for the long haul,” stated the standout player from Western United.

Beard and her fellow Filipinas had their sights set on reaching the tournament’s Round of 16. Their goal was to overcome Norway, a team ranked 12th in the world, securing a direct ticket to the knockout stage.

However, the Norwegian team’s prowess proved to be formidable. Sophia Roman Haug secured a hat trick, while Caroline Graham Hansen and Guro Reiten each contributed a goal. Filipinas defender Alicia Barker inadvertently scored an own goal, and substitute defender Sofia Harrison received a red card for a foul tackle.

To establish themselves as a top-tier team, defeating formidable opponents on the global stage is crucial, but unfortunately, the Filipinas couldn’t achieve that goal on this particular night.

“They certainly studied our game, which posed some challenges for us. Going down a player against any team is difficult, and especially when facing one of the world’s top teams, it’s incredibly tough,” expressed Beard.

“Our ability to hold our ground, limit their options, and strive to maintain our cohesion despite the challenges is a testament to our dedication and hard work. However, facing such tough opposition is always a formidable task.”

In the grand scheme of things, making her debut for the Filipinas in the World Cup, a tournament of immense significance, left a lasting impression on Beard. Opportunities to compete at such prestigious events are rare and cherished by athletes.

For her, this marks just the beginning of her journey as a member of the Filipina team. With her commitment to returning for future campaigns, she believes that this World Cup experience will fortify the national team’s performance against upcoming adversaries.

“My entry into this journey happened relatively late. These girls have been putting in the effort since before the Asian Cup, before the SEA Games, even before qualifying,” explained the former Melbourne Victory player.

“This journey has been monumental, and witnessing our ability to step onto the field, perform, and contend with many of these teams is truly incredible. It’s only the beginning,” she emphasized.

“None of these players have experienced playing in an environment like this, in stadiums of this stature, against opponents from these remarkable clubs and nations. This experience holds tremendous value for us.”

Adrian Alarilla
Adrian Alarilla
Adrian Alarilla, a Philippines-based author, brings a unique perspective to literature. With a strong background in the online betting industry, particularly with our brand Jolibet, Alarilla merges his expertise seamlessly with his writing. His works, ranging from fiction to essays, offer a fresh take on Filipino culture while delving into the world of online betting. Adrian's ability to craft compelling narratives and his deep understanding of Jolibet's intricacies make him a promising literary talent to watch in the Philippines.

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Angie Beard Embraces Future with No Regrets: ‘I’m Here for the Long Run’

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